shemya wwii veteran’s database
With the initial construction of our Veterans Database page, all entries were sent to me via email and upon receipt I would spend the time manually entering the data onto a single HTML page. The effort was very time consuming, tedious, and fraught with errors. The Vets' page began to grow in length, and with that it began to take several minutes to download the page with average modem speeds of less than 56kb/sec. Our solution was to create a web-based database to enhance the download times, and to also create a data entry form whereby the vet or their representative could enter the data themselves. I also created several pages whereby a visitor could filter the data in order to view select records based upon what they were looking for. For example, one can select to view records by a veteran's last name, unit assigned, and so forth. If you find any entry errors, or simply want to make additions to the information already contained in your record, please email the webmaster (please don't add another record to correct an old one) with your information. [WEBMASTER] As we have provided a means for you to manually enter your own data which will automatically append your information to the existing Shemya database thus making it immediately available for viewing, please be prepared by having all your information available prior to making entries in the database. When you are at the point where you are prompted to enter dates, enter either the exact dates and designate these dates to be certain by entering a "Y" in the "Certain" field. If the exact dates aren't known, enter your best guess dates and enter a "N" in the "Certain" field, showing that these dates may not be accurate. We must have dates entered to keep the database functional. When you are sure all your entered data is as accurate and complete as you can make it, only then click on the entry form's "Submit" button. Do not submit your data more than once as additional copies of your record would be created. If there's a problem with your submission, please send us an email to let us know, and we'll repair it. To enter your data, click on the "Record Entry" button at the top of the page.